JSP Hello World Example in Eclipse

Here we write the Jsp Hello World example in Eclipse IDE. See the following steps :
  1. Go to the File-->New-->Dynamic Web Project, see in fig.        

2. Write the project name as JSPHelloWorldExample and Target runtime select as a Apache Tomcat after click on Finish button.

3. Now you get the project structure as in below fig..

4. Now right click on WebContent and create new jsp file as New-->JSP File

5. After that you write the file name HelloWorld.jsp and click Finish button

6. Now you can write in your jsp page like <h1>Hello World Jsp</h1>

7. Now you can right click on project folder and run the project as Run As--> Run on Server

8. After select Tomcat Server and click on Finish button

9. Now you can see the output as

I hope you enjoy with this tutorial thanks.


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