Hibernate Configuration Properties.

These are following hibernate configuration properties:
  1. hibernate.dialect: The classname of a hibernate org.hibernate.dialect.Dialect which allows hibernate to generate SQL optimized for a particular relational database.
  1. hibernate.show_sql: Write all SQL statements to console. The possible values are true or false.
  1. hibernate.format_sql: Pretty print the SQL in the log and console. The possible values are true or false.
  1. hibernate.session_factory_name: The org.hibernate.SessionFactory will be automatically bound to this name in JNDI after it has bean created.
  1. hibernate.max_fetch_depth: Set a maximum "depth" for the outer join fetch tree for single-ended associations(one-to-one, many-to-one). A 0 disables default outer join fetching.
  1. hibernate.default_batch_fetch_size: Set a default size for Hibernate batch fetching of associations. The recommended values are 1, 2, 3, 4.
  1. hibernate.default_entity_mode: Set a default values mode for entity representation for all session opened from this SessionFactory. The possible values are dynamic-map, dom4j, pojo.