MVC Architecture(Model View Controller)

Here we explain MVC Architecture. Basically there are two type of model one is call Model 1 and another is call Model 2. Model 2 is called MVC(Model-View-Controller)
From below mentioned figure we can see the architecture of Model 1 and Model 2(MVC).

MODEL 1 Architecture
Model 2 or  MVC Architecture

With Model 1 Architecture: There is only one component is responsible for doing following tasks:
  • Controlling the request processing (Controller Logic)
  • Interacting with Database(Persistence Logic)
  • Sending the response to client(Presentation Logic)
Consider the requirement that same persistence logic/business logic is written in all the Servlet. This gives the code duplication problem. In future, if you want to change persistence logic/business logic, you need to modify all the servlet. This gives you maintenance problem.

With MVC Architecture:  As we know that in Model 1 these above three tasks are done by servlet only.
So for avoiding the problem of code duplication and maintenance we can use three separate components for these three tasks that Model-View-Controller.

Model: It is responsible for persistence logic.
View: It is responsible for view the data.
Controller: It is responsible for controlling.