List of Hibernate APIs.

Here we collected all list of Hibernate APIs so you can easily summarize. Mainly following API used in Hibernate:
1.      public  class Configuration extends Object implements Serializable {
            public Configuration();
            Public Configuration configure();
            Public Configuration configure(String);
            Public Configuration configure(File);
2.      interface SessionFactory extends  Serializable {
public  abstract Session openSession(Connection);
public  abstract Session openSession();
public  abstract Session getCurrentSession();
public  abstract void closs();
public  abstract boolean  isCloss();
public  abstract void  evict(Class);
public  abstract void evictEntity(Sring);
public  abstract void evictCollection(String);
3.      Interface Session extends Serializable{
public  abstract EntityModegetEntityMode();
public  abstract void setFlushMode(FlushMode);
public  abstract FlushMode getFlushMode();
public  abstract void setCasheMode(CacheMode);
public  abstract void CacheMode getCacheMode();
public  abstract void flush();
public  abstract Connection connection();
public  abstract Connection disconnect();
public  abstract void reconnect();
public  abstract void reconnect(Connection);
public  abstract Connection close();
public  abstract void cancelQuery();
public  abstract boolean isOpen();
public  abstract boolean isConnected();
public  abstract boolean isDirty();
public  abstract boolean contains(Object);
public  abstract Serializable getIdentifier(object);
public  abstract evict(Object);
public  abstract Object load(Class, Serializable, LockMode);
public  abstract Object load(Class, Serializable);
public  abstract Serializable save(Object);
public  abstract void save(Object, Serializable);
public  abstract Serializable save(String, Object);
public  abstract void save(String, Object, Serializable);
public  abstract void saveOrUpdate(Object);
public  abstract void update(Object);
public  abstract void update(Object, Serializable);
public  abstract Object merge(Object);
public  abstract Object merge(Serializable,Object);
public  abstract void persist(Object);
public  abstract void delete(Object)
public  abstract void lock(Object, LockMode);
public  abstract void refresh(Object);
public  abstract void merge(Object, LockMode);
public  abstract LockMode getCurrentLockMode(Object);
public  abstract Transaction beginTransaction();
public  abstract Criteria createCriteria(Class);
public  abstract Criteria createCriteria(String);
public  abstract Query createQuery(String);
public  abstract SQLQuery createSQLQuery(String);
public  abstract Query getNamedQuery(String);
public  abstract void clear();
public  abstract Object get(Class, Serializable);
public  abstract Object get(Class, Serializable, LockMode);
4.      interface Transaction{
public abstract void commit();
public abstract void rollback();
public abstract boolean wasRolledBack();
public abstract boolean wasCommited();
public abstract boolean isActive();
5.      interface Query{
public abstract Iterator iterate();
public abstract ScrollableResults scroll();
public abstract ScrollableResults scroll(ScrollMode);
public abstract List list();
public abstract Object uniqueResult();
public abstract int executeUpdate();
public abstract Query setMaxResults(int);
public abstract Query setFirstResult(int);
public abstract Query setReadOnly(Boolean);
public abstract Query setCacheable(Boolean);
public abstract Query setCacheRegion(String);
public abstract Query setTimeout(int);
public abstract Query setFetchSize(int);
public abstract Query setLockMode(String, LockMode);
public abstract Query setFlushMode(FlushMode);
public abstract Query setCacheMode(CacheMode);
public abstract Query setXXX(int, XXX);
public abstract Query setXXX(String, XXX);
6.      interface Criteria extends CriteriaSpecification{
public abstract Criteria add(Criterion);
public abstract Criteria addOrder(Order);
public abstract Criteria createCriteria(String);
public abstract Criteria setMaxResults(int);
public abstract Criteria setFirstResults(int);
public abstract Criteria setFetchSize(int);
public abstract Criteria setTimeout(int);
public abstract Criteria setCacheable(Boolean);
public abstract Criteria setCacheRegion(String);
public abstract List list();
public abstract ScrollableResults scroll();
public abstract ScrollableResults scroll(ScrollMode);
public abstract Object uniqueResult();
public abstract Criteria setLockMode(LockMode);
public abstract Criteria setLockMode(String, LockMode);
public abstract Criteria setFlushMode(FlushMode);
public abstract Criteria setCacheMode(CacheMode);
public abstract Criteria setFetchMode(String, FetchMode);
7.      public final class CacheMode extends Object implements Serializable{
public static final CacheMode NORMAL;
public static final CacheMode IGNORE;
public static final CacheMode GET;
public static final CacheMode PUT;
public static final CacheMode REFRESH;
8.      public final class FetchMode extends Object implements Serializable{
public static final FetchMode DEFAULT;
public static final FetchMode JOIN;
public static final FetchMode SELECT;
public static final FetchMode LAZY;
public static final FetchMode EAGER;
9.      public final class FlushMode extends Object implements Serializable{
public static final FlushMode NEVER;
public static final FlushMode COMMIT;
public static final FlushMode AUTO;
public static final FlushMode ALWAYS;
public  boolean lessThan(FlushMode);
10.  public final class LockMode extends Object implements Serializable{
public static final LockMode NONE;
public static final LockMode READ;
public static final LockMode UPGRADE;
public static final LockMode UPGRADE_NOWAIT;
public static final LockMode WRITE;
public static final LockMode greaterThan(LockMode);
public static final LockMode lessThan(LockMode);
11.  public ConnectReleaseMode extends Object implements Serializable{
public static final ConnectionReleaseMode AFTER_STATEMENT;
public static final ConnectionReleaseMode AFTER_TRANSACTION;
public static final ConnectionReleaseMode ON_CLOSE;
12.  public ScrollMode extends Object implements Serializable{
public static SimpleExpression eq(String, Object);
public static SimpleExpression ne(String, Object);
public static SimpleExpression likes(String, Object);
public static SimpleExpression gt(String, Object);
public static SimpleExpression lt(String, Object);
public static SimpleExpression le(String, Object);
public static SimpleExpression ge(String, Object);
public static SimpleExpression (String, Object);
public static Criterion between(String, Object, Object);
public static Criterion in(String, Object[]);
public static Criterion in(String, Collection);
public static Criterion isNull(String);
public static Criterion isNotNull(String);
public static LogicalExpression and(Criterion, Criterion);
public static LogicalExpression or(Criterion, Criterion);
public static Criterion not(Criterion);
public static Criterion isEmpty(String);
public static Criterion isNotEmpty(String);
13.  public class Order extends Object implements Serializable{
public static Order asc(String);
public static Order desc(String);


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