How to Install Apache Tomcat 6.0?

Here we install Apache Tomcate 6.0 step by step

  1. First download Apache Tomacat 6.0.32 from Apache site: exc. installer that is apache-tomcat-6.0.32.exe and save on your computer.
  2. Click on apache-tomcat-6.0.32.exe.
  3. Click the next button as like 

  4.   Click on I Agree button as like below 


5. Now you can check Host Manager and Example as you choice here I checked both as like below and click next button.

6. Click next button then you will get following screen like as

In the above screen by default values of attributes like as

HTTP/1.1 Connector port is 8080 we change here 8084(as your wish change or leave as default)

User Name by default is blank we change here  user name is admin.

Password by default is blank we give as 123456.

And role leave it as usual.

7. Click next then we will get following screen.

8. Make sure that jre6 is selected and click next button then you will get following screen as

9. Choose Install Location as you wish you choose and click next button you will get following screen

10. Now click on finish button.

Now by default Apache Tomcat is started you can check url: http://localhost:8084 on any browser.

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