Features Of Hibernate

Following the feature of Hibernate:---

1.Hibernate system is responsible for taking the connection, creating the statement ,releasing the resource

2.Hibernate supports various mapping style
  • Simple mapping
  • Collection mapping
  • Inheritance mapping

          Table per subclass
           Table per class
            Table per concrete class
  • Association mapping

            one to one
            one to many
           many to many
  •  and other mappings.

3.Hibernate provides two types to manage the Connection
  • JDBC Connection
  • DataSource Connection

Hibernate manage the transaction two ways
  • JDBC Transaction
  • JTA transaction(EJB or Spring Container).

4.Hibernate provides various Primary key generation algorithms, caching mechanism, Object Oriented Query Language, HQL(Hibernate Query Language),  QBC(Query By Criteria),QBE(Query By Example) etc.

5.Hibernate has in-built support for batch updates.