Difference between JDBC and HIBERNATE?

JDBC is a persistence technology
 Hibernate is a persistence Framework.
In JDBC developer is responsible to taking and closing the connection and also write the SQL statement.
In Hibernate HRS(Hibernate Runtime System) is responsible for taking the connections,creating the statement and releasing the connections.

JDBC does not have any ORM tool.
Hibernate have ORM (Object relational Mapping) tools which simplifies all the works(like caching mechanism,   supports Object Oriented Query Language etc.  ). that why Hibernate is the King of among all  persistence Framework.
we can set more than one Isolation Level in JDBC
In hibernate only one isolation level.

JDBC doesn't support distributed transaction
Hibernate support distributed transaction with CME(Container Mananged Environment) i.e with Spring Container and EJB container.
JDBC does not support any type of mapping
Hibernate Support various mapping styles(like simple mapping,collection mapping,inheritance mapping,association mapping and other mappings), optimization facility (like dirty checking,lazy associating fetching etc.),locking mechanism(optimestic and pesimistic lock) and also provide facility to express joins.


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