Advantage of ORM

Following are the advantage of ORM :---

1.Improved Productivity:--  Hibernate reduce the burden of developer by providing
                                          High Level Obeject Oriented API
                                          less java code to write
                                          No SQL to write ,
                      this save lot of time of developer ,can concentrate on business logic.
2.Improved Performance:--Sophisticated caching mechanism
                                          Lazy  loading
                                          Agressive(Eager) loading and
                                          automated persistence increase the performence.

3.Improved Maintainability:--A lot of less code to write because of automated  object/relational persistence.

4.Improved  Portability:- ORM framework generates database specific SQL for us automatically .

5.Vender Independence:- Hibernate provides a much easier way to develop a cross platform application.

Hibernate is a layered architecture ,we can use the component as per  our application requirement.


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