What is Session?

Session is a period of time in which user can send multiple request and get response
From client..
  •  In one request user can send multiple data to the client.So,we need to manage those
  • Request so that user can access those req in later..
  • Also we need to identify weather client is old or new.

There are Four Session management technique........
  • HttpSession
  • UrlRewritten
  • Hiddenfields
  • Cookies...

we can use the following to store the clients conversational data..
        1.Cookies 2.HttpSession.......
To identify weather client is old or new we can use Cookies,UrlRewritten,Hidden fields..
Container cheaks weather incoming request contain any cookie with name JSESSIONID.
        If the incoming request does not contain the cookie with the name
        Init method will be called in servlet instance.


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